• Zoiro – Redefining Trends of Men’s Innerwear

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    Why should men not have all the fun? For a very long time, men’s innerwear range has remained mundane and boring. The typical mens briefs, trunks and vests, would be a part of every man’s closet. So, we decided to break the conventions and bring a fashion rage in men’s innerwear range. Why not go for something jazzy under those formal trousers? Why wear the same brief to office and bed?

    Breaking the set bars and going beyond boundaries, Zoiro takes men’s innerwear fashion to a new scale. Something that has to stay so close to your skin day in day out needs to be one of superior quality, design and make, so why settle for just anything? Zoiro brings to you men’s innerwear designed in Italy and made in India. With innovation in fabrics and prints, Zoiro brings mojo in a mundane category.

    mens brief

    Our range of denim briefs for men is one of its kind in India, till date. Never get out of your denims with our trunks, briefs and boxers made of knitted elastane denim fabric. While, you enjoy the smooth feel and textured finish, you will also experience unmatched comfort in all our innerwear. We use micro fibre nylon, which is skin friendly and soft better than the conventional innerwear. Ensuring the right mix of comfort and trend is the fine designing of our briefs, trunks and boxers. They all come with mid-rise i.e. a natural waistline of 2 inches below the waist, which works well with regular jeans and trousers. Moreover, subject to bio polish and enzyme wash, experience superior anti-bacterial finishing in all our innerwear.

    mens boxer shorts

    The party wear range by Zoiro was also unheard of in India. Briefs, boxers and vests are designed in vibrant colours with fruits, nature and jungle prints.The vibrant collection would make you party ready just after wearing it. Such bright colours and prints, instantly make you happy and peppy for the party.

    Along with design and fashion, Zoiro innerwear takes care of comfort and quality, as well. For those hot summer afternoons, stylish mens boxers and chic singlets have been designed. Every man’s best friend, you can stay cool and comfortable in our boxers, while showing off your six packs in our singlets. Go sleeveless this summer with our colorful and comfy singlets. 

     Taking care of your needs all year long, our designer thermals are your best companions for those nipping winters. Made of cotton rich triple layer technology fabric after brushing, sueding and capillary, experience the warmth and extra stretch in these winter thermals.

    In addition, for your workout and lazy days, the athleisure wear has been designed keeping fashion and comfort in mind. The stylish track pants and capris match international design standards. The tracks offer superior comfort and absorbency making it perfect for your morning run and bedtime. On similar lines, the capris have been designed, which you can wear at the gym and to the café next door.

    Come explore the collection at a store near you or simply browse online at Zoiro for the best in class innerwear. Stylish and comfortable, the entire collection is designed by Italian designers and is new to the Indian innerwear market. Explore the funky innerwear prints and patterns, pick your style and define a new style statement. 

  • What’s in, What’s Out in the Innerwear Industry?

    Change is the law of nature and this is an absolute truth when it comes to the fashion industry. The growing consciousness, increasing spending potential of people and the willingness to look and feel good, propels constant change in the fashion industry. When it comes to men’s innerwear, the traditional patterns and designs continued for a very long time. Comfort always took precedence and the same old, traditional patterns continued in the market. But now there is a new trend in men’s innerwear. Vibrant colours, aerodynamic construction, performance fabric and statement waistbands have transformed the underwear staple.

    Men have also started to explore and be themselves behind those formal trousers and shirts. In fact, it has become more of a personality expression. So, if you also wish to be yourself in your private space, then here are the latest trends in innerwear for you to explore. 

    Go Beyond Cotton

    Of course cotton is great with superior absorbency, it makes for an ideal underwear fabric, but now you can get a comfortable and trendy piece in various other fabrics, as well. From nylon to polyester, polyamide to blend of microfiber, you can explore different underwear fabrics and stay comfortable and chic. Along with these, the see through sheer and mesh make are also trending big these days. For flexibility and stretchiness, there are also briefs for men with spandex mix.

    The Revealing Patterns

    Form fitting and men’s G-string are in vogue now. Comfortable and airy, these revealing patterns in underneath apparel are the most in fashion for men these days. Experience the comfort, while maintaining the style and rage in best mens brief.

    Splashy Colours & Prints

    Every style of underwear that you can think of comes in bright colours and prints. The classic shades are still there, but it is the eye-catching prints and bold colours that are trending big. So, explore the different styles, prints and jazzy colour combinations in an underwear style of your choice.

    Men’s innerwear has definitely moved out of the closet, from being a basic necessity to a fashionable product. The feel good factor matters as much as the comfort, so the shift in fashion. If you are looking for a fine blend of function and fashion gear, then has a lot to offer. India’s first Italian, designer men innerwear brand has a premium range of men’s designer trunks and briefs. Innovative designs, skin-friendly fabrics, bold and subtle collection, you name it and find it at  We make fashion happen, don’t restrict to one style for every purpose, explore and have a colossal variety. Your gym innerwear should be different from your office one, and we understand this need of today’s men and have a different innerwear range for every purpose. Check the collection and get the trendiest innerwear in your wardrobe, today.

  • The Softest, Most Comfortable Underwear Ever!

    An underwear is one of the most private decisions in menswear. Worn every day, right next to the skin, softness and comfort become the paramount factors when buying one. It is that comfort, which makes most of us settle for one kind of underwear and we keep wearing the same style for years. But with options a plenty in the online space, one can explore the variety of briefs for men available and get the softest, the most comfortable one, ever. So, what are the things to keep in mind, while choosing one, which can take care of the quality and ensure unmatched comfort.

    1. Breathability:A breathable piece is important, it should be easy for air and moisture to pass through the best mens brief. This determines the comfort level, hygiene and longevity of your underwear. So, opt for a design in which air can pass through the garment easily keeping you fresh for long. 
    2. Form & Functionality Matters:For once, fashion is superseded by functionality as mens briefs and trunks should be a perfect fitting one providing you with comfort and support. If the fitting is not right, then you will face issues of aches, chaffing and general discomfort. So, the right size and fitting definitely matters when it comes to choosing the right underwear. 
    3. The Fabric: This is important for that comfort and softness you are looking for in your trunks briefs. Cotton is definitely a safe bet, thanks to its absorbency and breathability feature but prone to shrinking, you can explore the cotton blend variety, as well. 
    4. The Placebo Effect: No, don’t overlook the design and colour partof the briefs underwear for all you know the Placebo Effect is there. If you like the form and design, then choose among the various colours and patterns that fit your looks, personality and tastes. So, go for a functional underwear with a splash of design.

    Use these tips to get the softest underwear ever, the one that makes you feel free and comfortable, all day long. And if you are wondering from where can you get such soft, comfortable and trendy trunks underwear and mens brief online, then just pause and search for Zoiro. Made with focus on skin friendly and itch-free underwear, you will get to experience the softest underwear ever at Zoiro. Designed as per international standards, the range of underwear at Zoiro are made from micro fibre providing unmatched softness. For the best comfort, the mid-rise in our range, sits at 2 inch, natural waist line and comes with higher GSM for better durability. Bio polished and enzyme washed, underwear from the house of Zoiro ensure superior anti-bacterial finish. So, we take care of not just comfort and style, but hygiene as well. Whether you want an underwear for a party or daily wear, your search for the finest and best, ends at Zoiro. Experience the comfort and support with Zoiro mens briefs and trunks.