The coolest of the bunch.

Boxers from Zoiro is a must have as it offers a perfect blend of comfort, style and quality. Made from the Mercerised cotton, a process which makes fabric soft and shiny while providing more strength & lustrous appearance giving a premium look. A perfect statement for your inner style.

A Dark Knight indeed

Embrace the inner style with the coolest boxers in the world by Zoiro. Our boxers scream quality from all corners and they come loaded with style and comfort placing it as a must-have for your hidden personality. Below are the few of the pointers which you make our product the boxer you can’t miss.

  • Label-free for comfort and happiness.
  • They come in two crazy fits along with awesome designs, prints and sizes. Just can’t beat their wickedness.
  • And yes, they are also eco-friendly. Recycled water is used for dying process.

A wicked yet cool looking Boxer

  • Made from mercerised cotton which gives a soft, shiny and premium look.
  • Sewn using premium quality polyester core spun sewing thread for a beautiful and durable product.
  • Available in two fits, it provides you with the options worth experiencing:
    • Concealed button placket with a fly opening to give you an option upfront.
    • Two side pocket & one back pocket secured button added for functionality. Dare we say something important.
  • An elastic waistband, durable broad jacquard microfibre nylon elastic to provide unmatchable softness & itch-free experience. Take all the space you need.
  • 4 -WAY STRETCH, Elastic is in interlocked 4 times at joining to ensure ultimate strength.
  • Antifungal - special treatment to fight the formation of fungus, keeping fresh all day.
  • Skin friendly Dyes - made from superior skin friendly dyes, the most intimate garment must be most safe.
  • Italian Design - International styling from Italy, the mecca of design.
  • Ergonomic pattern - Pattern to suit the best fit with the best combination of Rise, Profile and Cut. Unmatchable fitting to most complicated part.
  • Knitting - weaved with dense gauge machines, with the finest needles, giving excellent loop formation in the fabric making.
  • A Bio-washed product, a finishing process that enhances and removes protruding fibres & slubs from knitted fabrics and significantly reduces pilling to provide a comforting feel to the super stylish vest by Zoiro.
Say Hi to your everyday friend.

Style & Size Sheet


Concealed button placket with fly opening, Two side pocket & one back pocket and all over print fun print with trendy vibrant colours.


Concealed button placket with fly opening, only one back pocket secured button and placement printed on one side of garment to feel trendy


Concealed button placket with fly opening, Two side pocket & one back pocket and all over print fun motif print with trendy colours.

Concealed button placket with fly opening, Two side pocket & one back pocket and All over monochromatic motif to create unique look.