The softest UnderWear in the world.

Experience the sensation, enjoy the touch. We present to you the softest underwear in the world.

We created our most exciting range of underwear 'Softs' out of a need for better, more comfortable and more sustainable innerwear, something which delivers on its promise.

We ended up creating the world’s softest underwear with various designs, type and styles to serve your each and every demand. An underwear which serves as a perfect remedy for all your innerwear problems. Softer than any other underwear in the world we promise you an ultimate sensual feeling next to your skin.

Be ready for thrills with chills.

Our new offering is made from the Supima cotton, the finest cotton in the world which is softer than ever providing the smooth texture and beautiful lustre & Lenzing Modal, a type of rayon fabric to supply indefinite sensation next to the skin and ensuring absorbent, soft & supple fabric even after repeated washing.

And yes, an Italian design to keep you in sync with the latest fashion trends.

So be ready for a brand new crazy experience in the form of the softest underwear in the world.

  • 4 -WAY STRETCH, cotton with spandex gives stretch in all directions, Four-way (or 4-way) stretch means a fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise, It provides freedom of movement & comfortable to its wearer.
  • Label-free for comfort and happiness.
  • A breathable apparel which let air in and sweats out for a comfortable experience.
  • And yes, they are also eco-friendly. Recycled water is used for dying process.

Softness from within.

  • Antifungal - special treatment to fight the formation of fungus, keeping fresh all day.
  • Anti-creasing
  • Exceptionally light as a feather
  • Naturally cosy next to skin
  • Wicking Effect to keep you dry all the time.
  • 4 -WAY STRETCH, Elastic is interlocked 4 times at joining to ensure ultimate strength
  • Skin friendly Dyes - made from superior skin friendly dyes to provide ultimate comfort and safety.
  • Ergonomic pattern - Pattern to suit the best fit with the best combination of Rise, Profile and Cut. Unmatchable fitting for the most complicated part.
  • Knitting - weaved with dense gauge machines, with the finest needles, giving excellent loop formation in the fabric making.
  • Sewn using premium quality polyester core spun sewing thread for a beautiful and durable product.
  • An elastic waistband, a super soft micro nylon waistband for added comfort
  • A Bio-washed product, a finishing process that enhances and removes protruding fibres & slubs from knitted fabrics and significantly reduces pilling to provide a comforting feel to the super stylish vest by Zoiro.
Softer than your heart.