The world’s most comfortable Thermal.

Thermal from Zoiro are on of the most comfortable thermals available in the world. It is a perfect mix of right material, comfort, quality and exceptional style element. A perfect companion for your winter troubles they provide you  with a shield from outside temperatures to bring your A game on. So what are you waiting for?

Your winter companion

Zoiro Thermax weaves in technology with comfort in a Triple Layer Technology of

  • Brushing
  • Sueding
  • Capillary

to revive your inner self and keep you going headstrong even during harsh temperature dips. Beauty of the fabric is that it is knitted in a technique, cotton as inside layer which provides you with comfort and outside layer blended with cotton which keeps you warm and helps to keep the skin dry.
So gear up for the winters with thermals by Zoiro. Below are the few of the pointers which you makes our thermal a must have winter apparel.
  • The ultra thin fabric provides super stretch quality. Comfortable indeed.
  • It regulates good airflow to keep skin dry & warm.
  • Long lasting with good color fastness even after several washes.
  • A Soft hand feel with flat reinforced seams
  • And fashionably designed, to keep you with fashion friendly.

Fight the winter with thermals by Zoiro

  • Our thermals are made are using premium quality polyester corespun sewing thread for needle which provide high seam strength, long durability and good seam appearance,
  • And we also use micro filament textured polyester for all loopers to provide high seam stretchability and elongations.
  • An elastic waistband made from high quality micro nylon in high dense weave where elastic used is the softest elastic in the country providing you with you a comfortable and itch-free experience..
  • 4 -WAY STRETCH, Elastic is in interlocked 4 times at joining to ensure ultimate strength
  • Antifungal - special treatment to fight the formation of fungus, keeping fresh all day.
  • Skin friendly Dyes - made from superior skin friendly dyes, the most intimate garment must be most safe.
  • Italian Design - International styling from Italy, the mecca of design.
  • Knitting - weaved with dense gauge machines, with the finest needles, giving excellent loop formation in the fabric making.
  • A Bio-washed product, a finishing process that enhances and removes protruding fibres & slubs from knitted fabrics and significantly reduces pilling to provide comforting feel to the super stylish vest by Zoiro.
Embrace your winter shield.

Style & Size Sheet


Made from Triple insulation layer, Triple layer technology of Brushing, Sueding, Capillary & Aerodynamically designed to keep you warm.


Made from Triple insulation layer, Triple layer technology of Brushing, Sueding, Capillary & Italian Design - International styling from Italy.

Made from Triple insulation layer, Triple layer technology of Brushing, Sueding, Capillary & label free for comfort and happiness.

Made from Triple insulation layer with durable waistband made from the softest elastic which gives an itch-free feel with more stretch and grip.